Are you prepared for an earthquake? Oklahoma adopts new state drill

A 3.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Okfuskee County at 10:29 Tuesday morning. There are no reports of injuries or damage, but it was enough to shake up residents. It's proof earthquakes are one more disaster Oklahomans should prepare for.

Just after 10:15 Tuesday morning, workers in Rogers County hear something peculiar to many Oklahoman's ears: "Earthquake drill! Earthquake drill! Everybody take cover! Everybody under their desk," says Bob Anderson, Rogers County Emergency Manager.

The Great American Shake-Out is a new drill the state has adopted. The steps are simple: drop, cover under a desk, and hold on.

Then it's similar to a fire drill. Once outside, make sure others are there too. If not, search and rescue begins.

New backpacks will also assist during disasters. They're filled with a hard hat, duck tape, flash light, first aid kit and a wrench.

"If you have a lot of utility disruption, you have to go find the gas and water meters and turn them off," Anderson said.

With mother nature dishing out whatever she likes in Oklahoma, an unexpected shake has become the norm. "IT IS going to happen. Not if, it's when. The better we are prepared, it's going to make it easier for emergency responders," Anderson said.

More than two million people in nine states took part in the shakeout.

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