Anti-abortion group Oklahomans for Life flexes for 'personhood bill'

 OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- An anti-abortion group is urging House leaders to bring a so-called "personhood" bill to the House floor for a vote and vows to paint any lawmaker who refuses to support the move as what they call "pro-abortion."

A group of ministers and anti-abortion advocates made the comments Tuesday after the House approved a non-binding resolution that grants personhood rights at "all stages of human development."

Kevin Calvey of Oklahomans for Life called the resolution a "cop-out," and says anti-abortion House members plan to force a vote to bring a personhood bill to the floor for consideration. Calvey says any procedural vote against such a move will be considered a vote in support of abortion.

House Republicans have privately voted not to consider the personhood bill on the floor.

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