Urn containing cremated remains stolen in midtown Tulsa burglary

TULSA - A Tulsa couple is pleading for help after their son's urn was taken along with thousands of dollars in valuables Thursday morning. 

Neighborhood witnesses called and alerted James and Karen Gordon around 9 a.m. Police were already at the couple's midtown home when they arrived to find it ransacked.

"You expect stuff like your electronics and your jewelry, I mean that is kind of a given when your house is broken in," James Gordon said.
But their son's ashes, held in a blue urn in the living room, was the most stinging loss, the couple says.

"It was quite beautiful and that's probably why they took, but there's a reason it was beautiful," Karen Gordon said. "Because that was our son."

"I feel like I've lost him twice," James Gordon said.

Dustin Gordon, only 18 when he died, passed about seven years ago, the family says.

Police say similar cases have occurred about a half dozen times in Tulsa in the last few years.

"Things that we don't think a lot times that we will be able to get back we do, and we get them back quite frequently," said TPD Cpl. Gene Watkins.

Concerning the other thefts, the Gordons say they're irrelevant at this point.

"It's just stuff," James Gordon said. "When you realize you lost a member of your family you know that nothing else really, really compares."

Police say the two suspects were last seen in four-door blue gray-older model Chevy Caprice. Witnesses told police at least three numbers on the Oklahoma tag: 7-1-0.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (918) 596-COPS.

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