American Airlines union vote ends Monday night

TULSA - Voting ends Monday night for American Airlines workers in the Transport Workers Union.

Union members have been casting ballots since Thursday on whether to accept American's "last, best offer.".  The deadline to complete voting is 11:59 p.m. Monday.

The six-year contract includes shutting down the Fort Worth maintenance base, chopping pensions and making cuts in retiree medical coverage and vacation days; however, TWU says a yes vote would save about half the jobs at risk..

If the contract is voted down,  American's Tulsa maintenance base could lose 2,600 jobs instead of the 1,300 that would be cut if the new contract is approved.

Tulsa could also receive additional workers as a result of the contract as employees from the Fort Worth facility would be relocated.  Those employees would go to Dallas and/or Tulsa.

Approximately one-third of maintenance work performed in Tulsa would be outsourced under the plan, but the exact number of local jobs affected by it is unclear.

Members can vote online or by telephone using voter ID numbers that have been mailed.

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