American Airlines' troubled decade

For the workers it's been a roller coaster ride since 2001. The aftermath of September 11th injured the airline industry. American Airlines laid off 1,000 workers here in Tulsa.

In 2002, some employees were brought back but that same year AA announced plans to cut flights.

Then in 2003, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. To avoid it, employees took a hit. 700 people were laid off at the Tulsa facility, and the employees that remained took 17% pay cuts.

Meanwhile, the city of Tulsa stepped up too. Later that year city leaders made an "incentive plan" to keep American Airlines jobs here.  In 2004 the company received $22 million dollars in Vision 2025 money and another $5.7 million from the state in 2007.

Then to 2011 more grim news. In October AA announced plans to move 230 jobs from Tulsa to Ft. Worth.

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