Alternative jobs in aeronautics for American Airlines' workers

TULSA - With American Airlines' plan to cut 2,100 jobs in Tulsa, it automatically raises the question, "where do these workers go now?"

Many of these workers have presumably never worked anywhere else and may not have a degree to fall back on.

Bradney Chitwood works for American Airlines as an aviation mechanic. Chitwood fears the company's restructuring could result in being laid off.

"I just updated my resume," he said. "I'm just going to keep going to work until I can't anymore."

He made the trek down I-44 back in September, moving from Oklahoma City to Tulsa, all to start his career with the company.

And while Chitwood does not usually work on cars, he may have to look into it.

"I don't know the exact certifications for auto mechanics. I know there is some," Chitwood said. "I've got mine in aviation."   

Chitwood is thinking about applying at NORDAM.

"We are fortunate enough to be experiencing some slight growth," says Basil Barimo , vice president of the repair division at NORDAM . "We saw that last year, we expect that to continue this year."

In fact there are 80 positions currently open at NORDAM, with more to be added within the year. "We all know the commercial world has its ups and downs. We balance that with military activity," says Barimo.

The company contracts with Boeing, Gulf Stream, and the government. It needs a wide variety of skilled workers.

And some other aero companies hiring include: Enerflow, Precise Mechanics, and Flight Safety.

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