Allergy specialists report high levels of winter allergens, talk differences between cold, allergies

TULSA - In Oklahoma, many allergy sufferers know there's really no "off-season," even in the cold of January.

Allergy specialists in Tulsa say cedar tree pollen is in full force right now.

According to Dr. Lodie Niameh of the Allergy Clinic of Tulsa, we are seeing more and more cedar trees and that means more people are suffering from those allergies.

Another big cause of winter allergies is dust.

Indoor allergies can spike because people spend more time inside due to cold temperatures.

Niameh said it's also important to recognize the difference between an allergy and simply getting sick.

With the roller coaster weather lately people could be more at risk

"When you get cold hot, cold hot your immune system is taking some time to adjust to cold weather, you are more prone to viral infections," said Niameh.

Niameh said a good way to recognize the difference between a virus and allergies, allergies will come on all at once while a sickness may be more gradual.

If it is allergies, left un-treated you could end up with a sinus infection.

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