Air conditionding repair crews get an early start on service calls due to summer-like temperatures

Brian Rice with Brian's Heat and Air in Tulsa says his phone hasn't stopped ringing since 7 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"Generally the last part of May and the first part of June, I get all the calls, but not the first part of May," he said.

His customer Melody Maradiaga is glad she was able to get on his schedule.

"I was lucky to get someone to come out today, " she said. "One company I called, said it would be Thursday or Friday night."

She admits routine service to her 20-year-old unit would have probably saved her a lot of money. Repairs will cost her about $750.

"I'm really bad about that [maintenance], so I'm lucky it's lasted as long as it has," she said.

Rice says an annual service contract runs about $160 dollars, but can save people a lot by making sure their unit runs more efficiently and saves them on energy.

"Definitely call somebody for a routine check up," she said. "Because if you don't haveĀ  freon on the A/C unit up to a certain level that it's supposed to be, it will keep on running, but it won't be putting out the cool air it's supposed to be."

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