Tulsa district attorney candidate files petition against his competition Monday

A candidate running for Tulsa County District Attorney filed a petition against his opponents and the Oklahoma Election Board Monday.

The filing comes just a week and a day before the primary election for district attorney.

Steve Kunzweiler, currently an assistant district attorney, is demanding S. Fred Jordan and Brian Crain take their names off the ballot.

Kunzweiler claims it's a conflict of interest, an illegal one, since Jordan and Crain are both lawmakers.

The conflict comes into play since Okla. lawmakers increased district attorneys pay to $129,198.30 on March 23.

Jordan is currently a state representative while Crain is a state senator.

"I've got 24 years worth of experience. I've been doing this day to day, in and out. I've tried hundreds of cases, I've put hundreds of people, violent offenders in prison. I know what this job requires," Kunzweiler said.

Jordan said he's not budging and claims he didn't have anything to do with the May 23 vote, even rescuing himself.

Jordan said OK's Judicial Compensation Board asked for the pay increases for district attorneys, wanting to give them 12 percent more. Lawmakers only stepped in since the State doesn't have that money. They settled on a 6 percent pay increase.

"I bring my military experience where I was Marine Corp JAG Officer and prosecutor on active duty. I bring my legislative experience, my legal experience. At the end of the day that's what the office of the district attorney is about" Jordan said.

As for Brian Crain, he dropped out of this race late May saying he didn't want to distract voters. Crain claims Oklahoma law won't let him to take his name off the ballot since filing period closed.

Crain hasn't advertised, campaigned nor fund raised since.

June 24 is the primary election. Kunzweiler doesn't believe an Oklahoma County judge will rule by then, but if one candidate doesn't get more than 50 percent of the vote there's an August run-off.

The judge may decide by August.

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