A Tahlequah woman locked in her trunk while changing a flat Tuesday afternoon, loses $21,000 in cash

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - Cherokee County deputies work to get a better description of two men accused of shoving a woman into her trunk near Tahlequah Wednesday afternoon.

45-year-old Cindy Holderbee called 911 saying a man pushed her into the trunk of her 1998 grey Honda Civic off Stick Ross Mountain Road.

Holderbee claimed to be changing a flat tire when the man approached her from the front of the car and asked "do you have a flat?"

She told deputies, she kept her head down the entire time and answered "yes, someone's on the way to help."

That's when a man with a white shirt on and Hispanic accent put her into the trunk.

Holderbee can be heard on the 911 tape having a panic attack, dispatchers could barely understand any words she said and repeatedly asked her to remain calm.

"You can't kick that (taillights) out?" the dispatcher asked.

Holderbee, kicking and crying, yelled "I'm trying and it's not working."

"Okay calm down, calm down. Take a deep breath." the dispatcher said.

After nearly 10 minutes later, deputies found the Honda Civic.

Holberbee's pink purse with $21,000 cash inside was gone from the passenger's seat.

A manager at Log Store South convenience store was on her way to deposit money at the other Log Store.

Deputies said since they don't have much of a suspect description a tan arm, white shirt, and hispanic accent they want you to look out for a pink purse dumped on the side of the road.

They interviewed the victim a few times Wednesday.

"Most newer cars are made where you can escape the trunk if you have to. Apparently, this one wasn't or she couldn't find it anyway. My advice would be kick, bang, do what you could to make yourself heard" said Cherokee County Undersherrif Jason Chennault.

Holderbee's cell phone was in the pocket of her lightweight jacket.

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