A through F grades released for Oklahoma schools; Tulsa receives 8 failing grades

TULSA - The Oklahoma State Department of Education released controversial rankings for the state's districts Thursday, giving schools letter grades based on performance.

The A through F rankings were set to be released last month but officials tabled a vote on the acceptance of the report cards.

Around 300 Oklahoma school superintendents are against the rankings, saying the new system's grading formula is too tough and expects too much.

The group was asking for extra time for the system to be tweaked and checked for inaccuracies.

A quick check of the newly released grades shows Tulsa Public Schools received four As, nine Bs, 18 Cs, 37 Ds and eight Fs. Mobile readers click this link - http://bit.ly/tpsgrades - to see all the schools in the Tulsa district.

Among the schools given failing grades are Greeley and Mark Twain Elementary Schools and Central, Hale and McLain Junior Highs.

Broken Arrow Public Schools  (http://bit.ly/bapsgrades) received 16 Bs and seven Cs. 

Union Public Schools (http://bit.ly/R2J19b) received As, Bs and Cs.

Neither Jenks Public Schools (http://bit.ly/SzWWp0) , Bixby Public Schools (http://bit.ly/TIvgwZ) nor Owasso Public Schools (http://bit.ly/P5Sgcy) received anything lower than a B.

In 2011, the Oklahoma legislature adopted the new A through F system, which State Superintendent Janet Barresi says will provide greater transparency for schools, allowing students and parents to see how their schools are performing.

The system will use school assessment results from the 2011-2012 school year to determine a ranking based on the school's performance.

Among the factors considered:

  • State tests scored
  • Yearly test score comparisons
  • Attendance
  • Drop-outs
  • Graduation rate

Each school gets a GPA along with the letter grade. An "A" is 3.75-4.0; an F is 0-.75

While Barresi says the grading system is simple and "easily communicated to the public," school officials from across the state say the new system is very complex.

The grading scale is compressed on one end. For a school to receive an "A" it must score a 93.75, which some officials have said is hard to obtain.

To view the complete list of grades, visit the Oklahoma Department of Education (http://bit.ly/athroughf) online.

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