10 arrested in Wagoner drug sting

WAGONER, Okla. - Ten suspects were booked in to the Wagoner County Jail on Friday following a massive drug interdiction operation in the town of Wagoner.

The drug interdiction operation is part of ongoing effort by the District 27 DA's office to arrest those who use, make and sell meth.  

"We are taking a team approach and we are going after the problem," said District 27 DA Brian Kuester.

Keuster oversees Wagoner, Sequoyah, Adair and Cherokee Counties.

He says his district, along with all of Northeastern Oklahoma, has been hit hard by the meth epidemic. That is why his task force is working to fight it -- and they are seeing success.

The first felony warrant arrest of the day led to the discovery of drugs and a working meth lab in a home north of Wagoner, where three people were arrested.

The task force also made arrests by pulling over vehicles for traffic violations.

Officer found Loritab, marijuana and scales when they busted up what looked like a drug deal in a parking lot of a store in Wagoner.

"I hope it will have an impact, not only on the drug offenders, but I hope it will have an impact on the law abiding citizens," Keuster said, "To know that we are not just sitting idly by, knowing there is a problem. We are going to attack it head-on."    

Keuster says operations like this don't just make a dent in the drug trade. He says they also tend to help to bring down crimes that go with it, like burglary and robbery.

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