4 Tulsa teens arrested, accused of targeting own neighbors in series of burglaries

TULSA - Tulsa police have arrested four teenagers who they believe have been burglarizing some of south Tulsa's most affluent neighborhoods for months.

The teens are accused of targeting homes in their own neighborhoods, often gated communities. 

Eighteen-year-old Noor Alhlou and 19-year-old Kerem Ozgul are two of the suspects.  The other two are minors.

Police say the scheme was for two teen girls to knock on doors. If there was no response, two boys would kick in the doors.

"There's no difference between these kids and any other kids that are committing crimes on any other side of town," said Sgt. Shellie Wood, with the TPD Burglary Unit. "What is different is they have every advantage, financially and socially. They come from families that have means. They live in those neighborhoods. And this is how they chose to spend their time -- some for thrill seeking, some because they have drug habits."

Police say several surveillance cameras on neighboring homes captured the suspects' vehicles fleeing the scenes of burglaries.

"It was extremely disappointing to know that these are not down and outers," said Shelley Reed, whose home was hit a few weeks ago. "These are not people looking for their meal. These are people who are frankly bored and associated with the wrong crowd. They made poor choices that they will have to pay for the rest of their lives."

Police offer this advice to help prevent you from being a victim: If you're home in the middle of the day and someone knocks on your door, police suggest letting the knocker know you are home without opening the door.

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