3-year-old girl struck by bullet on left shoulder while watching fireworks show in Okmulgee

OKMULGEE -- Okmulgee police are investigating how a 3-year-old girl was shot at a local fireworks display July 4.

The child was injured Thursday night after witnesses say she was struck by a falling object from the sky.

She was in the parking lot of a local bank near Harmon Stadium watching the area fireworks display when she suffered a wound to her left shoulder.

Witnesses originally thought she was hit by firework debris, but after being transported to a local hospital, doctors say the toddler was struck by a bullet.

The girl was taken to a Tulsa hospital for further treatment.  

Chief of Police Joe Prentice says there are few clues as to where the bullet may have been fired.

"Although it is early in the investigation, investigators currently believe the bullet was most likely fired into the air and could have been fired from a considerable distance away from where the child was located," Prentice said in a release Friday.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Okmulgee Police Department at 918-756-3511.

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