2NEWS uncovers 2012 presidential candidates' fundraising totals in Green Country

TULSA - When presidential candidates aren't out on the stump, they're often behind closed doors raising money.

The 2NEWS investigators crunched all the data in newly released documents, detailing exactly how much money each 2012 presidential candidate has raised in Green Country.

Even though neither campaign has spent much time raising money in Oklahoma, the numbers are impressive.

Through Sept. 1, Republican Mitt Romney had raised $947,000 in the 2NEWS viewing area.

President Barack Obama, a Democrat, had raised about half that -- $483,000.

The numbers, which are clearly lopsided in Romney's favor, are no surprise to political experts.        

"This is a very Republican leaning area," said Rodger Randle, OU professor and former mayor of Tulsa.  "The last time the Tulsa area voted for a Democrat was Franklin Roosevelt in 1936."

But looking deeper within the numbers does reveal an interesting twist.

In the midtown/Maple Ridge part of Tulsa the president is very competitive with Romney.  The former Massachusettes governor out-raised the president in that part of town by only about $20,000.

"That's not a surprise to me at all," said Michael Whelan, Tulsa County Democratic Party Vice Chairman.  "As far as the demographics of Tulsa go there's a lot of Democratic support in the midtown area."

Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma Republican party chairman, agreed.

"Midtown has always been an area where democrats have done well," said Pinnell.  "Hillary Clinton raised a lot of money in midtown."

It's a much different story in south Tulsa.  In the 74137 zip code, which stretches from Riverside to Sheridan, Romney pummeled the president, raising $128,000 to President Obama's $37,000.

"We're the reddest state in the country," said Pinnell.  "Mitt Romney is going to do very well here and that's reflected in these numbers."

But why the geographic divide in Tulsa, with the president getting more support in midtown and Romney getting much more support in south Tulsa?

"Midtown seems to be more openminded on social issues," said Randle.  "More receptive to Democratic candidates."

There are also some notable names on the donor lists.

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett gave$2,000 to the Romney campaign and Philip Kaiser, son of billionaire philanthropist George Kaiser, has given $5,000 to President Obama's campaign.

Still, both parties here are a little surprised the candidates haven't raised even more money in Green Country.

"Proportionately, the donor base is actually incredibly generous on the Republican side and the Democratic side," said Whelan.

Here's a complete breakdown of how much each candidate has raised in the Tulsa metro.

74114 - Maple Ridge/Midtown
Romney - $122,763
Obama - $103,545

74137 - Tulsa 81st to 121st, Riverside to Sheridan
Romney - $128,380
Obama - $37,994

74105 - Tulsa Brookside
Romney - $125,506
Obama - $38,631

74136 - Tulsa 61st to 81st, Riverside to Sheridan
Romney - $90,685
Obama - $26,988

74133 - Tulsa 61st to 111th, Sheridan to Garnett
Romney - $32,870
Obama - $12,855

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