2NEWS puts Leaf Taco yard tool 2 the Test

TULSA - Bagging leaves is no easy task.

It's time consuming and can mean trouble for your back, but we came across a product that claims to make bagging leaves hassle free, so 2NEWS Anchor Deana Silk put the Leaf Taco 2 the Test.

Leaves: They're gorgeous on the trees but a nuisance on the ground.

The leaves have fallen across Green Country, leaving homeowners with the tedious task of raking.

It's a job Joe Fraley is all too familiar with, which is why he was more than happy to put this product to work.

The Leave Taco is supposed to make bagging a cinch -- just fill it, fold it, bag it.

It looks simple enough.

Joe starts by unrolling the Leaf Taco and laying it out on his yard.  He then rakes a pile of leaves onto the plastic, grabbing both sides and folding it together like a taco.

"Ok, here we go," he said.

Now the important part... bagging it.

"I think if I put too much in there it won't shake out," he said.

As Joe folds the Leaf Taco he notices the hooks.

"I don't know what these are for," he said.

Turns out, we missed a step.

Joe was supposed to attach the bag to the hooks before dumping it, but doing that is easier said than done.

"I don't like the hooks at all," he said.  "It just makes it harder."

The hooks wouldn't hold the bag in place and seemed to pull the bag away from the taco, which meant leaves were back on the ground and our Leaf Taco was falling apart.

"We used it on three and a half bags and it's already ripping," he said.

Joe finished his yard using the Leaf Taco without the hoods, which seemed to work a little better for him.

Overall, though, Joe wasn't impressed and gave the Leaf Taco a "C."

"It's almost easier to bend over and push (the leaves) into your bag and not take the extra step," he said.

The Leaf Taco costs between $20 and $30.

As for the warranty, according to the website, the product has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

We contacted the manufacturer and they offered a full refund or replacement since our Leaf Taco was falling apart.

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