2nd largest quake recorded in Oklahoma

My wife and I woke up this morning at 2:13am to a rumble. A booming thunderous noise rattled our windows, and our doggies started barking! My wife thought it was thunder. It felt like a distance explosion to me.

Dozens and dozens of emails poured into 2NEWS just minutes afterward. Viewers as far away as Grand Lake and southern Kansas reported a tremor. No one reported any significant damage, other than say a picture shifting on the wall!

Making fun of the situation, a Facebook friend in Creek county joked that she worried of a small tsunami coming off a lake into Bristow! (Of course that wouldn't happen with a "small" quake.)

Data from the Oklahoma Geological Survey did confirm a 4.7 earthquake at 2:13am on Saturday, November 5, 2011. The quake centered between Oklahoma City and Tulsa near Prague, OK in Lincoln county.

I checked the record books, and unless the 4.7 rating changes, we experienced the second largest earthquake ever measured in Oklahoma!

Is this pattern "normal"? I asked the OGS a while back and their answer was "inconclusive." Detailed earthquake data for Oklahoma has only been measured since the 1950s, so no one knows what "normal" is.

Bottomline: the earthquake you felt this morning could be the largest you ever feel in your Oklahoma lifetime as the state lacks major fault lines. But you survived it! George


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