2014's 3rd supermoon rises Friday, peaks early July 12; next supermoons occur Aug. 10, Sept. 9

TULSA - Look up Friday night and you will catch the third supermoon of the year.

Supermoons are new or full moons that occur when the moon is at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit, according to EarthSky.org .

Formerly called perigean new moons or perigean full moons by astronomers, supermoons are 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the average full moon, though sometimes it's hard to distinguish a difference.

In 2013, there were three supermoons but only one garnered attention.

There are five supermoons this year -- Jan. 1, Jan. 30, July 12, Aug. 10 and Sept. 9.  The Aug. 10 supermoon is expected to be extra super as it's the closest the moon will be to Earth this year.

The next supermoon rises Friday night and hits its fullest point early Saturday morning.

Clear skies are in the forecast so Green Country should have a SUPER view.

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