2013 Tornado videos from Moore, El Reno, Shawnee, Oklahoma and other places around the U.S.

There were more than 900 tornadoes reported in the U.S. during 2013, but only one of them was confirmed as an EF5 -- the Moore tornado on May 20.

Eleven days later a 2.6-mile wide tornado struck El Reno. It is the widest tornado ever recorded.

United States Tornadoes found 13 amazing videos of tornadoes that hit this year, and on that list were the Shawnee, Moore and El Reno storms that struck Oklahoma.

WARNING - Some of the audio in the videos may be offensive to some.

Shawnee - May 19

Moore - May 20

El Reno - May 31

To view the other 10 videos, go to USTornadoes.com here .

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