2 Works for You Meteorologist George Flickinger explains the bright lights in the western sky

TULSA - "Are those UFOs?!" asked an alarmed viewer who called KJRH. You might have also wondered about the so-called "bright lights" in the sky.

On Wednesday night, take a look at the western sky. You will see two bright white dots near each other. Those two dots are Jupiter and Venus, and you will know they are planets because they don't blink or sparkle like stars do.

You will see Jupiter on the left and Venus on the right. Jupiter will appear slightly dimmer and lower in the sky compared to Venus.

George took this picture Tuesday night.  The image shows Jupiter and Venus shining bright in the western sky.

Check them out tonight! Between 7 and 9 p.m. is a great time for viewing. Look due west and up at just under a 45 degree angle -- you can't miss them!

Read more on George's blog (http://bit.ly/wEDrpK).

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