2 the Test: The Fat Magnet

Does the Fat Magnet really make food healthier?

TULSA - The Fat Magnet looks like a simple device but has a pretty big claim -- Makes meals healthier, soaks up grease like a magnet.
Jenks resident Cathy Murray loves trying new gadgets.  In fact, her family calls her the kitchen gadget queen.  So we thought Cathy would be the perfect person to put the Fat Magnet to the test.

"I want to go into it open minded, but I'm a little skeptical.  I'm anxious to try it," said Cathy.

The directions say to place the Fat Magnet in the freezer for a minimum of two and a half hours.

While Cathy waits, she cooks a pound of fatty hamburger meat, hoping to have a enough grease to really see the Fat Magnet work.  

"The benefit of this (Fat Magnet) would be if it works you could pay less money to get cheaper meat and do the same job," said Cathy.

With plenty of grease in the pan, Cathy removes the Fat Magnet from the freezer.

The directions say:  With the Fat Magnet directly out of the freezer and slightly angled, pat on the oil floating on top of the pot for a few seconds. Rotate the Fat Magnet as you pat the oil to help absorb the maximum amount.   

Cathy does this, and according to the directions, the grease is supposed to harden when it hits the frozen plate.

That doesn't happen.

The directions say the Fat Magnet can be used as long as the metal plate remains cold.  During our unscientific test, the plate didn't remain cold very long at all.

Cathy tried the Fat Magnet again, angling it across the hamburger meat.  Grease puddled up in the pan, and again she wasn't impressed.

"It smeared it onto the plate.  It didn't suck it up like it was supposed to," said Cathy.

In our unscientific test, Cathy found a simple paper towel worked better than the Fat Magnet.

Overall, Cathy found the Fat Magnet messy and said it doesn't live up to its claim.

"The gadget queen gives the fat magnet a fat big fat 'F'!" said Cathy.
The Fat Magnet costs $14.95. 

2NEWS tried several times to contact the manufacturer but our emails and phone calls were never returned.

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