2 the Test: InstaHang & Super Hook

Hang anything on the wall, is it really that easy?

TULSA - You may have seen an advertisement for InstaHang and the Super Hook.

Both claim to be an easy substitute to hang things on the wall instead of using a hammer and nail.

We wanted to put those claims to the test and see how user-friendly the products really are. 

Angie Gibson volunteered her walls for the test.

"It looks pretty easy and if it works it would make a much smaller hole than a nail would, I think," said Angie.

The package of Super Hooks comes with 20 hooks. The directions say to hold the Super Hook by the arch and firmly push and twist the pointed end into the wall. 

This proves to be much more difficult than Angie expected.

"It's a little rough getting it in there," said Angie.

After several tries, Angie finally gets the first Super Hook into the wall. 

The next one is much more difficult. While pushing the Super Hook into the wall, she hits a stud and the Super Hook will not go through a stud. 

Angie wasn't impressed.

"I think I prefer the old way," said Angie.

We try the Super Hook on a different wall. This time, the Super Hook does not hit a stud and goes into the wall fairly easy. 

The Super Hook claims to support up to 100 pounds, but when Angie hangs her 20-pound picture on the Super Hook, the sheet rock was already pulling down.  

"It needs a stud but it won't go through a stud, so I'm scared to leave this one," said Angie.  

Not satisfied with the Super Hook, Angie tries the InstaHang.

The InstaHang claims to be the revolutionary wall dispenser that lets you hang any picture, big or small, on any wall in seconds.

But before we can hang anything, the InstaHang has to be put together. It comes with 47 pieces and takes Angie about 10 minutes to figure out where everything goes.  

The InstaHang works by placing the device flat against the wall and pushing down forcefully on the button to release a peg into the wall. 

Using the InstaHang, Angie is able to quickly hang several pictures, even adding a hook to one for more stability.

"It says it only hangs pictures up to 10 pounds and we hung three small pictures and it was effortless. I would definitely buy this," said Angie.

Overall, in our unscientific test, Angie gives the InstaHang an "A." She says the product is easy to use and saves time. 

As for the Super Hook, she says she would never buy it and gives it a "D" for very difficult.

We contacted the manufactures of Super Hook, they never returned our emails or phone calls.

The InstaHang retails for around $14.99. The Super Hooks cost around $9.99. 

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