3 people killed in 2 motorcycle wrecks

TULSA - Three people are dead after two motorcycle accidents early Thursday.

One crash happened around 2 a.m. along South 94th East Avenue near 47th and Mingo.

A Tulsa police investigator told 2NEWS reporter Dan Pearlman it appears the two people on the motorcycle were riding along the residential street when the driver lost control at a bend.

A neighbor heard the loud rev of a motorcycle followed by what sounded like a crash.

Forty-year-old Lonnie Bradburry Jr. and Paula Kearney, 46, were found dead at the scene.

They hit at least one car parked on the street.

Investigators said excessive speed may have played a role. They found several beer cans nearby so alcohol may have also been a factor.

Tulsa police Sgt. Justin Farley says he does not think another vehicle was involved in the crash.

"These things can happen anywhere at anytime and given the hour there's not a lot of traffic on the road to negotiate, so it's just a lone motorcycle," Farley said. "There's no witness information that tells us there was another vehicle involved. It looks like just a single motorcycle at this time."

Around the same time, a motorist found a crashed motorcycle in the northbound lanes of Highway 75 near the I-44 junction in west Tulsa.

Kevin Jones, 44, was found without a helmet, and died of severe head injuries.

Police say the bike was newly purchased so inexperience could have been a factor in the crash, though the cause remains under investigation.

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