2 Oklahoma soldiers awarded Purple Heart medals

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Two Oklahoma soldiers wounded in Afghanistan were awarded the Purple Heart on Sunday.

Cpl. Scott Hopper, of Stillwater, and Sgt. Jay Silk, of Cookson, received the recognition during a ceremony held at the Broken Arrow Armed Forces Reserve Center.

Both men were injured in separate ambush attacks by the Taliban last year.

Hopper's attack, which occurred on Sept. 12 of 2011, left him with a severe arm injury.

"We were out on a night patrol looking for a place to park our trucks for the night and we got in a Taliban ambush and I was shot in the right arm," said Hopper.

Hopper said doctors are confident he will regain the full use of his arm.

Silk's attack, which happened in July of 2011, left him with nerve damage.

"We were out on a combat patrol and were targeted by one of the Taliban and he decided to blow our vehicle up with a roadside bomb," said Silk.

Both Hopper and Silk have spent the last year in and out of doctor's offices as they recover from their injuries.

They credit family, friends and their fellow soldiers with the 45th Infantry Brigade for helping getting them through.

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