2 dead in Muskogee County murder-suicide; victim's young daughter talks to 911 dispatcher

Two people are dead Friday after a murder-suicide in Muskogee County.



It happened around 4:30 a.m. at the Houston Johnson Apartments in Warner.


Investigators believe Melinda Sue Shatto's ex-boyfriend, Charles Donald Dixon, let himself into the house with a key, either while the family was sleeping or earlier in the day.

"They had broken up in the past six months," said Muskogee County investigator Burt Poole. "The neighbors would say he made a nuisance of himself coming around all the time. In our lingo, we call that stalking."

Deputies say Dixon shot a sleeping Shatto before turning the gun on himself.

As she lay dying, Shatto called 911, and handed the phone to her 7-year-old daughter when was no longer able to speak.

At the request of the dispatcher, the child ran next door to the home of neighbor and babysitter Stella Jackson.

"I've never heard a child pound any harder," Jackson said.

Jackson says she went next door and discovered the bodies of Shatto and Dixon, staying with the child until grandparents arrived.

"She won't be eight years old until next month," Jackson said. "My heart breaks for her."

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