OSBI: Dewey infant killed by blunt force

DEWEY, Okla. - Stop in around lunch time at the Half Dollar Cafe in Dewey and you will hear the town gossip.

"We're second place to the local barber shop," said John Anthony, of the Half Dollar Cafe.

"This is just the place that if you don't know it, you'll find it out before you leave," said James Moore, a resident of Dewey.

Usually the talk is about fishing, hunting and which celebs have passed through. Lately, it has been about a Dewey homicide.

Fifteen-month-old Emma Beth Warmberodt was already dead when paramedics arrived at a North Cherokee residence Friday.

The OSBI says Warmberodt died of blunt force trauma.

OSBI agents interviewed the girl's parents and others who occupied the home at the time of death.

OSBI officials say they are working to get the town's questions answered and say they have some strong leads in the case.

"We have done numerous interviews with those people who were living inside the home and who were there when the child was injured, and there were numerous people actually living inside the home so that makes it difficult to not only do interviews but to create a good timeline of events, but that's what we're doing right now," said Jessica Brown, OSBI spokesperson.

Those at the Half Dollar still seem in shock over the child's death.

"I just can't imagine somebody abusing a child. It's beyond my understanding," said Moore.

"Terribly sad,"said Anthony. "You know, a baby that age has no defense for itself."

No arrests had been made as of late afternoon Monday.

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