10 more arrested at Occupy protest

TULSA - Ten more Occupy Tulsa protesters were arrested overnight in downtown Tulsa.

Police arrived at Centennial Park at 6th and Boston at 11 p.m. to enforce the city's curfew.

Police say demonstrators have been reminded that after the curfew, they must remain on the sidewalks and not on the grassy area of the park to continue their protest.

Authorities say 10 people refused to move from the restricted area and were arrested and carried away without incident.

Police also say the department now has a camera on sight.

"Just as much as they have cameras to document what they do, what we do we're trying to protect ourselves," said Officer Jason Willingham.  "To make sure that we show that everything we did was within guidelines, within policy and we did not violate anyone's civil rights."

Police say officers will continue to arrive at the park every night to enforce the curfew and that violators will continue to be arrested.

Beyond the curfew issue is the fact that the protesters do not have a permit to gather in the park.

It will be at least another week before city councilors decide on a request by the group to waive that requirement.

Waiving the rules would allow them to camp out in city parks overnight, beyond the 11 p.m. curfew.

The request hit a snag Thursday because the people who filed the petition did not show up at the city council meeting, so councilors took no action.

"We are really happy with the city council," said Stephanie Lewis, Occupy Tulsa protester.  "We're happy with everything that was said (at the meeting) because what it brought was clarification to all the red tape we have had to go through just to get where we needed to be."

The protesters say they'll try again next week on the waiver request.

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