10 free apps to help your finances

TULSA - The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and that means lots of money will be spent.

According to Bloomberg, Black Friday sales in 2010 totaled $10.7 billion.

How much of that money was yours? Do you plan on spending more or less than you did last year.

Regardless of how much you plan on spending, you'll want to keep track of your finances to make sure you stay within your personal budget.

We put together a list of free personal finance apps that you can download onto your phone or tablet that will help you do just that.




Track, budget and manage your money on the go. Add online banking accounts with access to your personal finances. Add transactions to track expenses, find merchants when adding a transaction, view available current balance and pending transactions.


Pageonce – Money & Bills


Pageonce automatically organizes and tracks your money and bills. See your banks, credit cards, bills and investment accounts in one simple place. Control where your money goes and get important real-time alerts and reminders about your accounts.




This app lets members view their credit score, request an updated score, view detailed credit and score alerts. Also has Score Estimator, a tool that shows how financial choices, like applying for a loan or maxing out credit cards, could impact your credit score.


Expensify – Expense Reports

You can use their website to sync credit cards and bank accounts to track purchases as they happen. Take a picture with your phone's camera of the receipt. The app will scan the image and pull out the merchant, date and amount of the transaction.




Balance is an app designed to help you keep track of the balances of all of your accounts. Intended to replace a paper-based checkbook register, Balance maintains a list of credits and debits to each of your accounts. When you enter a new transaction, Balance automatically recalculates that account's balance.


DataMan Free


DataMan tracks your data usage in real time, giving you always up-to-date usage statistics. You can track your monthly cellular and Wi-Fi data usage. Alerts will appear letting you know how much you've used according to 4 customized usage thresholds. Auto resets when billing cycle ends.


BillTracker Lite


App allows you to track information about each bill including due date, amount due, whether the bill has been paid, and confirmation numbers for payments. Allows shows complete history for each account.


Smart Budget


This app helps you keep your finances in order. In addition to mundane features like powerful multi-currency, several accounts, planned transactions and cloud synchronization for multiple devices in your family, it has something unexpected for a 'serious' app, like drawing stylish category icons with your finger.


HomeBudget Lite

This app is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. It offers support for budgeting and allows analysis of your expenses and income, including charts and graphs.


Checkbook HD Free


You can import your banking records using your bank's OFX file or manually add entries that change balance on your accounts. You can schedule recurring transactions, sync your data between several iPads/iPhones, add both income and expenses, schedule delayed transactions and clear them later, and see colorful charts, which represent activity of your accounts.



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