Joplin police are investigating a possible abduction

JOPLIN - Joplin police are investigating a possible abduction.

Officers say around 7:00 p.m. Friday a woman ran to the drive through window at a Steak-N-Shake.  She pounded on the window and yelled for someone to call police.

Police say a white man approximately, 50 years old, then approached the woman and pulled her towards a white 90s model Oldsmobile Cutlass.  Both subjects got inside the car and left the scene.

They have not been seen since.

The license plate number on the vehicle might be M1JJ16 MO, police say.

Witnesses say the man had brown hair and was wearing a white t-shirt.

The woman is described as white, approximately 50 years of age with purple hair.  She had a minor cut in an unknown location, but enough to leave small amounts of blood at the scene, police say.

If anyone spots this vehicle, they should contact the Joplin Police Department at 417-623-3131, or call the Tulsa Police Department at 918-596-9222.

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