The untold dangers of ramen noodles, a staple for college students everywhere

In those moments of late-night cravings, Ramen Noodles seem to be your lifeblood -- the key to survival, exactly what you need to keep going.

"Consistent quality and the finest of ingredients."

But according to a new study -- they're killing you. OK, not necessarily, or not outright, but the research shows instant noodle products like Ramen can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome for women.

And metabolic syndrome can mean increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The study found women who ate instant noodle products more than twice a week were the ones in trouble.

The team behind the study explain one possible reason why women are more at risk here: The chemical BPA is used for packaging these noodles into Styrofoam containers. BPA has been reported to interfere with hormones such as estrogen.

The study focused on people in South Korea because the population consumes an especially high amount of instant noodles, and the nation has also seen rising heart disease.

And of course, instant noodles don't exactly have a reputation for being healthy in the first place. They've been called out in the past for high fat and salt content.

The doctor behind the study says he hopes this will lay down a foundation: "Many people are consuming instant noodles without knowing possible health risks."

So, for those of you making Ramen food porn on the Internet or just hitting "start" on your microwaves at 3 a.m., take heed. Though -- that may be hard -- because you might be drunk.

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