Non-profit offers cleaning services to women with cancer

Cleaning a home is dirty work that most of us dread.

For people with cancer, it's often more than just an inconvenience, but there's help.
A non-profit organization offers cleaning services to women in of charge.
Heather Russo has what most of us don't:  A thing for cleaning.  She says, "The reason why I got into this business is because I truly love to clean."
The single mom who recently started her own business and decided a great way to show a little goodwill to the community was to offer some of the services to women who need them most, no charge.
"I want to make a difference in a woman's life who is battling and not have to worry about cleaning her home."
Here's what happened...Heather discovered a national non-profit called "Cleaning for a Reason" that partners local cleaning companies with women battling cancer and she basically got swept up in the idea.
"They get one cleaning per month up to four months and then once that commitment is completed I mark it as checked and they send me new clients, and I will be able to go clean for more women who have cancer," Heather said.
Cleaning for a Reason is partnered with more than a thousand cleaning companies like Heather's across the US and Canada.  The non-profit has helped provide more than $3 million in services for women with cancer.
Heather added, "Nothing comes out of the cancer patient's pocket."
As for Heather, she's hoping to do her first Cleaning for a Reason soon and that bit about just loving to clean, that's not her only motivation.
"Actually my grandmother and my aunt have both been affected by cancer, so to be able to give back, it's very important."
Important enough to donate time and earning energy to make someone else's life and home a little better.
2News checked and found 5 Cleaning for a Reason partners here in Green Country.  They're located in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Bartlesville.
If you know a woman battling cancer who could benefit from this program, visit their website at
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