Explosions rock Boston Marathon finish line at Fairmount Copley Plaza hotel, injuries reported

BOSTON - At least three people are dead and at least 144 are injured from two blasts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday.

Former KJRH anchor John Walls is in Boston with his wife and daughter, who were running in the marathon, and reports being in between the blasts.

"All of a sudden a bomb went off, it had to be a bomb," Walls said. 

Another 10 to 15 seconds later another sounded, he said.

Walls, who spoke with 2NEWS over the phone, called the scene a "madhouse."

Our complete phone interview can be seen above, or for mobile users, under the News Video section of our app. Below is a video recorded from Wall's phone directly after the first explosion. For those using mobile devices, you can watch it here (http://bit.ly/15bVwdJ).

Another two undetonated explosive devices were found by bomb agents, according to the Associated Press.

PHOTOS: Attack at Boston Marathon (http://bit.ly/15buUtp)

Another video can be seen below, or here for mobile users (http://bit.ly/16ZhSxo).

Cellphone service in Boston was temporarily shut down by the city's law enforcement to prevent possible remote detonations, and police in Los Angeles, New York City, London and other cities worldwide have stepped up security. Secret Service is also taking precautions.

In an emergency White House press conference late Monday afternoon, President Obama addressed the deadly blasts, and vowed that those responsible would "feel the full weight of justice."

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Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating told NBC he believes the explosions were a "clear" and "sophisticated" attack.

A suspect has not been named in the bombing, but investigators are treating it as a criminal act. 

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More than 80 Oklahoma runners were registered to run in the race, according to the Boston Marathon's website.

The Boston Mayor's Hotline, 617-635-4500, has been made available to those with family or friends at the marathon. Friends and family may also use Google Person Finder to locate or post information about a loved one. 

VIEW THE SITE (http://bit.ly/ZtqKGj)

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