Choose 2 Lose Fitness Blog: Taft Price on why he's chosen to lose weight and live healthier

TULSA - This is my first blog in support of Choose 2 Lose, an eight-week program to exercise more, eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Over the next eight weeks, I hope you will join me on this journey to improve your fitness too.

Each Monday during The Biggest Loser at 7 p.m., I'll be on our Choose 2 Lose page to chat live with you about weight-loss, nutrition, exercise and even the show. (If you want to chat from your phone go here -

Over the course of this program, we are going to give you some great fitness tips from our 2News Fitness expert Wes Cole. We will also give plenty of nutritional tips to help you begin to eat better.

My fitness levels and my weight have been on a roller coaster ride throughout my life.

Even though I was an athlete in multiple sports, I was overweight through high school but finally developed the desire to lose the weight as a freshman in college. I dropped from 255 pounds down to 190 in about six months.

Unfortunately, I slowly put the weight back on over the course of three years and graduated from college at about 245 pounds. This lasted about six or seven years before I once again decided to lose weight.

Around 2002, I dropped from around 260 pounds to around 200 and felt good. However, I slowly stopped my exercise program and again slowly gained the weight back.

My wife, who is a great cook, always makes healthy meals. My problem is not WHAT I eat but my portion size.

Have you ever looked at a label and said, "That is a serving size?"

Most people's definition of a serving size is not a half cup or even a full cup, but really what the bowl or plate will hold!

Just before I started writing this blog, I went to the kitchen for a meal and wanted either oatmeal or a healthy cereal. Amazed to see that one cup of oatmeal (which swells in the bowl) had 150 calories while a cup of the healthy cereal had 300 calories! To be honest, I look at the food labels for fat content but rarely do I look at the calories and rarely have I compared calories of several foods to see which is best. But that is changing. I have started to look at those labels and actually see what a "serving" really is!               

So, for the next eight weeks, I will be lifting three days a week and doing cardio on most days I am not lifting weights.

My caloric intake will be 1,900 calories a day. It will not be easy but I have always believed that the stronger your will is to achieve something the more you will endure to reach it! I am ready…I am excited…and I hope you take this journey with me.


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