The List: 3 things for Tulsans to try in 2014

TULSA - Here's how to do Tulsa in 2014:


1. TAKE A BREWERY TOUR: Samples are finally legal at breweries in our fine state! And good timing. Critically-acclaimed Prairie Artisan Ales just opened its first brew house. Owner Chase Healey says tours are all about getting people connected to the brand. 

"When they see our beer on the shelf, it's not just another beer, they know the people behind it," said Healey.

It's the perfect way to help local business, while taking your mind off yours.

If you don' t know about Prairie, you should. The in-demand craft beer is already sold in 20 states and 10 countries.

"We're always working on the next batch," said Healey. "We have a lot of thirsty fans!"

2. SPEND A DAY AT GUTHRIE GREEN: If you haven't been to this awesome urban park, it's time. From movie nights to concerts on the lawn and yoga classes, Guthrie Green is a chance to see downtown in a whole new light. Plus, everything is free! 

"It doesn't matter what we do, people are excited to come out," said Meg Webb, a spokesperson for Guthrie Green.

2014 will be even better. Webb says one of the most exciting events coming is European-style street performance party called Buskerfest.

"They have comedy and flame throwing and they get the crowds and families involved," said Webb.

3. CRY BABY HILL: Don't like cycling? Doesn't matter. Don't like watching sports? Who cares! The spectacle at Tulsa Tough known as Cry Baby Hill is guaranteed the best people watching you will see all year. 

Amid one of the biggest cycling events in the country are revelers, drinkers, live music and cray-cray costumes. It's Halloween meets Mardi Gras meets Christmas! 

Cry Baby Hill is the party to put in your calendar in June. 

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