2News reporter Sara Goldenberg travels 'walk of unity' in Joplin on tornado anniversary

JOPLIN, Mo. - On the one-year anniversary of Joplin's deadly tornado, 2News reporter Sara Goldenberg walked the 3.7 miles that marked the storm's path of devastation.

Now called the "walk of unity," Sara joined the thousands of affected who filled the streets in remembrance of May 22.

Along the way, Sara met some incredible people, with stories of survival and resilience.

Many in the crowd wore T-shirts with a baby's face on the back. Carol Tate's 16-month-old boy Skyuler Logsdon died in the tornado after being torn from his mother's arms.

"We were sucked out of the roof of our house and thrown two blocks," Tate said. "And he was sucked out of my arms when something broke my arm."

A week later, rescue crews found her son lifeless, a mile from their home.

"He was my world," Tate said. "He was a mommy's boy, on my side 24/7."

With 14 screws, two plates and two rods embedded in her arm, Tate says she's working on recovering, both physically and emotionally.

"My family's a big support. They do everything to love me and make me feel better," she said.

Sara also met search and rescue volunteer Shane Eckhardt and his dog Deutch on the trail.

He told her how much of where they were standing was leveled and his feelings after initially pulling two people from the wreckage. And how after that, Eckhardt says, his search turned into a recovery.

"It kind of took a piece out of your heart whenever it happened. I lost two friends in the tornado also," Eckhardt said. "It brings up stuff, a lot you want to remember -- but some you hope stays locked away."

At 5:41 p.m., the exact time the tornado struck the city, the Joplin community joined in a moment of silence.

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