2News Fitness Expert Wes Cole shares some tools of the fitness trade

TULSA - The right shoes: Wes Cole says many time, people think of cross training shoes or running shoes as great for weight training. The problem is that these shoes are designed to absorb shock. When weight training, Cole says having that squishy platform is an unstable platform that's not safe when holding weights. This is why weight lifting shoes have wooden or hard flat soles. He says to wear shoes that have flat soles. It will be much safer. Cole says he'd rather have clients squat and lunge barefoot than with big cross trainers.

Careful progression: Cole says a big mistake in weight training is progressing in weight too quickly. There is a saying the deeper you stride the more likely you'll hurt something. Cole says that's true. Taking small steps are the best. Cole has found that five-pound progressions can be a lot. Instead micro load. He says progression might be slower but it'll be safer and more steady.

Protein: Cole is careful to promote protein because he says people can get carried away, but it's important to include in your diet. Cole adds, it's the building blocks of muscle and without it you are limiting your muscle building potential.

The right mindset: Cole says he recently heard a story about a ninety-year-old man living in a nursing home that was plagued with stiff joints and arthritis because of his years of weight lifting when younger. He evidently tumbled down a flight of stairs; something that surely would have broke every bone in a normal ninety year old's body. According to the story, he had nothing but bruises. Cole says the fact is if you lift and live an athletic lifestyle you will have aches and pain and occasional injuries, but he believes the benefits outweigh the risks.

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