Eggs with no peeling and no mess. Can Eggies deliver as promised?

If you like eggs, getting them from the pot to the plate could all boil down to this, a plastic contraption promising to take the mess out of your eggs.  It's called Eggies.

"Never peel a hard boiled egg again."

 It sounded tempting to Rhoda Toback, so we turned up the heat in her kitchen and put them to the test.

"It says you crack and pour your egg into this Eggie.  You boil on our stove top and you twist and open for the perfect egg every time."

Rhoda loves to bake so the prospect of eggs without peeling or waiting for them to cool and then peel was worth a try.

"Place the top half onto the bottom half and secure both pieces."

Once she figured out how to get the egg into the Eggie, and secure it, Rhoda was ready.

Each Eggie had to be coated with cooking spray to make it easier for the eggs to slide out.  Rhoda decided to spice up her eggs with capers, cheese and extra seasonings to see if that would add to the taste.

"They're floating around like Japanese lanterns."

According to the instructions, its 14 to 15 minutes for a hard boil and 5 to 6 for medium.

"This is the cheesy."

After 15 minutes we thought we were ready.

"On this one, this is moderately done this is 15 minutes and look they're not."

Not quite as cooked as Rhoda had hoped, and the seasonings didn't really come through.

"I would try it until I felt competent enough to use it."

Eggies did deliver on one promise.  No peeling and no mess, but as far as Rhoda Toback is concerned, it didn't really live up to the hype.

"Just crack, cook and twist to enjoy delicious hard boiled eggs just like this."

"I'd give it a c-plus.  "What about the instructions??    "A C+?"

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