Winter weather savings: Keep the cold air out, save money by insulating your home

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - The best way to keep your home warm and toasty this winter is to keep the cold air out.

Hardware stores or home improvement stores have all the things you need to insulate your home from winter's elements.

The folks at Lakewood Hardware on Madison Avenue recommend using spray foam to seal cracks around your home. It comes in a can and costs only about $5 but it can give you big results.

Hardware employee Glenn Palmer said, "If you have voids like window pockets in the house, somewhere behind a wall, the skirtboard of your house, voids in bricks. It's an amazing product."   

Another product that will keep the cold out is good old caulk. Removable caulk can give you quick results. You just put the caulk in a caulk gun, then run it along a window crack and make a nice bead.

"Looks aren't important. It's more about filling and you leave it sit and it will harden and in the springtime, you can peel it off when you want to open your windows again," said Palmer.

Another area you should be concerned with is your doors. That's where a door sweep can help. Some are self adhesive. First, you need a pair of scissors to cut the sweep to size. Then, you just peel off the paper and stick it to the bottom of the door. Foam strips, also self-adhesive, can be applied to the sides and tops of your doors to stop any air flow there too.

You can also winterize your electrical outlets with foam. You unscrew your outlet cover, place the foam in and screw the plate back on.

Hardware employee Katie Keefe also says it is a good idea to invest in power strips.

"If you have multiple items on and you want to leave the room, just flip the switch and you're saving on your electric."

"Pennies a day but in the big picture, yes, you're going to save a lot of money and be more comfortable while you're saving money, said Palmer.

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