What Apple will and won't say Wednesday

Don't Waste Your Money

We're just hours away from the most anticipated announcement of 2012: Apple's unveiling of the new iPhone.

So what will we see? And what won't we see at the rollout?

Apple has been teasing the Sept. 12 announcement for weeks, even making the shadow of the "12" look like the number 5, for iPhone 5, in its official invitation to the event.
And photos and videos have been leaked over the past two months, showing what will supposedly be the new iPhone.

What You Will See

So here's what the experts at MacWorld, CNET , and other tech blogs say we can expect:

    -An iPhone 5 (which may simply be called "The New iPhone"), with a longer screen, and 30 percent bigger display. 

     -It will have an aluminum back, unlike the glass back of the 4S.

    -It will work on the faster 4G LTE network.

    -And it will have a smaller connector plug, meaning your current chargers and docks won't work, without buying an adaptor.

What You Won't See

What won't we see?  Bloggers say don't look for the iPad Mini, at least not on the 12th. They say Apple is holding off on that so as not to overshadow the phone.

And don't look for a new Apple TV box: With programmers playing hard-to-get, Apple will not be taking control of your TV, at least not this year.

As always don't waste your money.

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