Walmart kicks off Springtime Black Friday; big discounts available on popular outdoor items

Don't Waste Your Money

Do you miss Black Friday?

Do you miss planning, lining up outside a store, and missing Thanksgiving dinner?

Then you're in luck, because Springtime Black Friday is here.

Walmart Wants Jump on Competition

After the coldest winter in a decade, Walmart is trying to make up for lost sales with Black Friday style markdowns.

It is lowering prices on 60 outdoor items ...from plants to patio sets, and mulch to mowers.
The website The Consumerist says Walmart is trying to get a jump start on the competition, and take away sales from Home Depot and Lowes, where people typically do their outdoor springtime shopping.

The sale offers 30 percent or bigger discounts on popular outdoor items, many of which haven't been selling well yet due to the winter that wont end.

Sale Ends Before Peak Shopping Season

But hurry: The deals end March 29 before peak springtime shopping season begin.

Sure, it is gimmicky. But The Consumerist says if this means discounts on grills and patio furniture that's a great thing, because outdoor gear is rarely on sale this time of year.

And that way you don't waste your money.


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