Apple getting flack as black screen mystery hits MacBook Airs

Don't Waste Your Money

Apple is known for top-quality products and very few bugs compared to many other software companies.

But after an iPhone security flaw and now a strange issue causing MacBooks to go dark, the tech giant is getting some flack.

Screen Turns Black at Random

Brandon Lacher is a college student, and a longtime Apple fan.         

He can't understand why Apple, long known for high quality products, seems to be dealing with a number of glitches lately.

"It just started having issues," Lacher said. "The screen turns black at random and you have to hard reset it to get it to work again."

He owns a 2013 MacBook Air that is suffering from what is being called the "Black Screen of Death" by the popular MacRumors forum.

"Just randomly it will lock up" he said, "I can push whatever button I want, no feed out of it, caps lock doesn't work, no brightness change... no nothing."

Apple did not respond to our two requests for comment, as the company is known for being tight-lipped about glitches.           

But the tech site CNET says this appears to be a fairly common problem with 2013 MacBook Airs.

And it says the latest update to OSX Mavericks appears to fix it.

Another Glitch Affects iPad, iPhone

But this comes the same time as another embarrassing glitch for apple: A security flaw in iPhone and iPads that could make them vulnerable to hackers if you use yours on Wi-Fi.

Apple has just released an IOS-7 update that fixes that glitch.

But it's all surprising to apple fans like Lacher. "I love Macs, but to see that it has this problem is overwhelmingly surprising to me."

Tech sites say two issues may be at play : Apple is much more mainstream than 10 years ago, and hackers now have apple  in their sites.

Bottom line:  Its important to download the latest security updates with any operating system.

By holding off or sticking with the old OS, you run the risk of security flaws or other problems, that can easily be avoided with an update.    

As always, don't waste your money.


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