Chevrolet to debut new NASCAR contender

Racecar and street model will be similar

(WXYZ) - Chevrolet is racing to develop a new racecar for the 2013 Sprint Cup series.

The new vehicle will replace the current Impala version driven by Team Chevy. GM says it will not be the redesigned Malibu or the new Impala. Instead, it will be a new nameplate.

Chevy says it will unveil the new racecar in April, right after the New York Auto Show. A production version will also be available in showrooms.

Jim Campbell, who oversees performance cars for Chevrolet, said in a statement "We know that Chevrolet fans are eager to see the new race car, and we hope that the prospect of being able to own one just like it will make the wait more bearable."

Ford recently unveiled its 2013 Fusion Sprint Cup car and Chrysler announced its 2013 SRT Charger. It is believed that the new vehicle could be based on the current Caprice police car that is built by the Holden division in Australia.

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