Why Tulsa Women's Health Care is the best option

TULSA - Why are we different?

At Tulsa Women's Healthcare, our obstetrical patients undergo an Ultrasound at every visit.

We admit this is not the traditional approach or deny that has become very popular with patients. However, we feel that ultimately, it makes us better physicians. The recurrent use of ultrasound for fetal assessment and monitoring is safe if used properly. The ability to assess fetal well-being, growth, amniotic fluid levels and position of the baby has become an invaluable tool we use every day, with every patient. We also have the added benefit of 3D and 4D applications on each of our machines.

We also have experience in managing problems in pregnancy including hypertension, diabetes, asthma, multiple gestations, as well as others. We have the ability to screen for Down's syndrome and other disorders early in the pregnancy including first trimester nuchal translucency screening.

Frequently, problems arise when trying to conceive. At Tulsa Women's Health Care, we pride ourselves in dealing with infertility and helping couples complete their, sometimes difficult, journeys. Most people do not realize that men and women are equally to blame when achieving pregnancy becomes an issue – we can help with both. Starting with the initial evaluations and ending with more advanced assisted reproductive techniques, we can help.

Our practice is also known for the high level of care which we give to all of our patients, and our practice scope includes gynecology, as well.

Our surgeons are considered some of the best in the area with regard to patient satisfaction and outcome. We are also trained in the latest surgical techniques including minimally invasive procedures and are also fully capable of performing the DaVinci robotic hysterectomy with all of its associated benefits.


Source: Tulsa Women's Health Care . TWHC is a sponsor of KJRH.com.

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