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In today's world of medicine, new technologies are introduced daily.

Some good, some bad, and some that change the face of medicine forever. The daVinci Robot System from Intuitive is one of those technologies.

The Robot's introduction was 1999 and who would have thought that it would soon be so important in the world of urology, benign gynecology, oncologic gynecology and quickly, making inroads into colo-rectal and general surgery.

With 3D-HD magnified vision, greater surgical precision, and intelligent ergonomics, the surgeon becomes more in control which ultimately, results in:

  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster return to a normal way of life and work

These are all advantages which make the daVinci way of surgery , a better way!

Why the Robot?
Very simply with the daVinci robot system, there is less blood loss, less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to work and/or to household chores.

Where is the Robot and who can do it?
Robotic Surgery can be performed at Tulsa Spine and Specialty Hospital by all three of the doctors at Tulsa Women's Healthcare.

Do you even need the doctor?
Of course! The daVinci Robotic system is made up of three separate components all of which are necessary to complete any robotic surgery. The physician's console is separate from the patient and is where the doctor sits and is allowed to see the area on which to be operated, i.e. the uterus. The "robot" is at the patient's bedside, connected to arms which to the surgery and is controlled by the surgeon. The camera and monitor console are the eyes and brain of the robotic system. Obviously, all are needed to work together and one will not work without the other …. At least for now!

For which procedures, is the daVinci robot system used?
The doctor's of Tulsa Women's Healthcare use it for benign gynecology including hysterectomies or removal of the uterus, oophorectomies or removal of the ovaries, pelvic reconstructive surgery and for severe endometriosis/infertility surgeries. It has also changed the world of gynecologic oncology allowing women with cancer to have surgery and go home the next. Dr's Street, Geneseon and Choo are able to provide these services in the Tulsa area.

How long is the recovery?
This answer to this question is always patient dependent but normally, patients will go home the following day and resume normal activities/ work within two weeks. It is not uncommon to feel very normal even the next day. On some occasions, the patient can even go home the day of the surgery.

Why the Robot and not a laparoscopic, vaginal or abdominal hysterectomy?
Why? For all of the answers above! The doctors of Tulsa Women's Healthcare can perform all of the above types of hysterectomies and although the robot is not necessary for all, it still presents significant advantages for most. The type of hysterectomy will , of course, be dependent upon each individual's circumstances and medical findings.

For more info, one can refer to the daVinci Robotic system site and/or contact us at Tulsa Women's Health Care .





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