What's Your Dream Job? - Job and career recruiting guide by Barracuda Staffing in Tulsa

What is a dream job? Is it waking up every morning ready to get to work? Is it having fun and making money at the same time? Is it not being bothered by having to bring your work home? Sure, I think it's all of these things.

Maybe you have your own definition or what defines your "dream job."

You can set yourself up by going to a trade school or obtaining a degree. Most young adults do internships and work long, hard hours in not so dream like positions in order to pay for all of their training and schooling.

This being said, you know what you have to do to get there, but the hardest part of finding one's dream position is figuring out exactly what that is.

I read an article recently that talked about the idea of working to live versus living to work. Can you imagine enjoying your job so much that it's just as much a rewarding part of your life as your hobbies and interests?

One of the best ways to figure out what truly "fits" you in the occupation world comes down to knowing your taste and size. You may love the shoe, but it may not fit. (Yes, of course, I would use a fashion related metaphor). Sure, a job may be appealing and pay more than what you ever thought you could make, but if you are unhappy every single day that you step into your office, then what's the point? We spend more than 2080 hours a year in our work home. That's more time than most people get to spend with their families or doing things they enjoy.

Maybe you have no idea how to figure out what outlines the unknown source of happiness that is your dream job. Maybe you won't have to figure it out. Some people, like myself, ended up in positions we knew absolutely nothing about.

Recruiting? What's that?…

My word of advice would be to decide what the top five things you love doing are, then, research. Research and find out how you can make money doing what you love. It sounds like a sure win-win to me.


Source: Barracuda Staffing Tulsa, OK

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