Translating Veterans skills - Job and career recruiting guide by Barracuda Staffing in Tulsa

For veterans getting out of the service, getting back into the swing of civilian society can be profoundly difficult.

The private sector world doesn't quite function like the military does and interviewing for a job with a company can lack some of the traits associated with attempting to be promoted to a new rank. This may explain why the unemployment rate amongst veterans is higher than that of the rest of the population.

In order to be as successful in the private sector as veterans may have been in the military, there are certain things they need to know as well as certain tips that can help them translate skills they developed while serving in the military.

To make the most of the past military training as well as future job expectations, Gene Link of's Job Searching section provides many tips to help veterans land on their feet when they're not in combat boots.

For additional help in landing a rewarding career, look through the job boards of Barracuda Staffing . Helping Tulsa and OKC workers find jobs as well as companies find employees, Barracuda Staffing employment experts are pleased to help brighten the future for America's veterans with a new career.


Source: Barracuda Staffing Tulsa, OK

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