Overcome the interview fear - Job and career recruiting guide by Barracuda Staffing INC. in Tulsa

Everyone gets excited over the opportunity of a possible new job.

Most people have no problem taking the steps needed to get hired. Of course filling out the application is a pain, but simple enough. Fine tuning your resume is tedious and obnoxious, since you really never know what to include.

Talking on the phone during a pre-screen is not so bad, aside from the fact you can't figure out how the heck this recruiter got your number (I promise we aren't stalkers, well maybe kind of....).

The process is fairly easy for most, up until the face to face that is. Most people freak when it comes time to actually meet in person. So, why is it that the interview is so scary?

If interviews make you nervous, guess what? You're not the only one.

If you know me, or even if you don't, you can probably figure out that I LOVE to talk. I find great happiness in making my opinion known and chatting about everything I feel worthy of sharing. Even with this passion for blabbing, interviews made me nervous in the past.... What do I say? How should I sit? Should I be super honest or blur the lines a little? Wow, there are a hundred ways I could mess this up.... It wasn't until I became the interviewer that I  learned a couple things.

Let me share some insight with you, Whitley's Words of Wisdom if you will. 

The more at ease you are as the interviewee, the easier it is for me as the interviewer.

Please, please shake my hand (I promise I use sanitizer to ensure your health).

Please look me in the eye. Is there something so wrong with my appearance that you can't make eye contact?

I'm begging; please don't make me "fish" for answers. "Ya" or "Nope" are far from adequate responses. Please answer me with an example or expand on the reason you haven't done something.

If I ask you a question that you have no experience whatsoever doing, tell me why you're capable of learning. Get it?

More than anything else, be yourself. Part of my job is not only deciding if you meet the skills and qualifications, but also making sure that the work environment, both physical and social, is going to work for you.

If you read this and thought, "duh," then what are you worried about? Get out there and get to interviewing.

If you're the super nervous, anxious type, I hope these tips can help you overcome that unneeded nervousness that arises prior to interviews. Even if they don't help, I promise you, interviews are not meant to be scary.

This post is written in correlation with Barracuda Staffing's new campaign "Fear the Beard, Not the Interview" (We have to support our OKC Thunder) So go ahead, give us a call and don't be scared of the interview. We are so happy to meet with you and find out exactly what it is that you want in your new job.


Source: Barracuda Staffing Tulsa, OK

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