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It is both amusing and appalling to me that people find it inconvenient to set an appointment to come in and interview.

I love those people who want to just stop by unannounced and expect me to rearrange my entire schedule to meet with them (hint: sarcasm).

I recently read an article titled, "How to Deal with Annoying Interview Questions."  This was incredibly intriguing to me. Sure, interviews can be annoying, I won't deny that. But, seriously, is it an inconvenience for you to interview for a position? Heaven forbid one must put time and effort into finding a job.

Let me just tell you now…. I am most certainly more driven to find a job for someone who comes across as urgent and willing to do whatever it takes.

If you get asked an "annoying" interview question, deal with it. Just answer it with a short, simple answer and we will move on. I promise there is a lot more to my job than trying to annoy my candidates. We recruiters simply aim to get to know you and try to understand your needs and wants in a career. Sometimes those "stupid questions" help us.

As stated repetitively throughout this blog, I want to share the rewards AND frustrations of recruiting so that you all can truly understand the ups and downs of the industry in which we work.

It is never my intention to speak negatively of the general group of candidates that I work with. Trust me, I'm convinced that my contractors are the best and I am so thankful for many of the amazing people I have been blessed to meet through the interview processes.

My goal is simply to inform my audience of situations from my perspective, the other side of the desk if you will.

For those of you job searching, be happy to answer the annoying questions, because they just might be what get you employed. Happy job hunting!


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