Cook Time with Remmi Recipe: Green Bean and Potato Curry

Happy Easter! It is just around the corner and I am already planning our Easter Feast with my mother. We are pretty traditional serving the ham as the main fare and the ever popular deviled eggs. When it comes to the other dishes for the Easter meal, I am given a lot of latitude allowing me to bring new dishes to the lineup.  As with most holidays, food is a focal point to the celebration, and always gives me happiness.

Now let’s get cooking with the wonderful and versatile bean……..

For this month’s recipe I selected the “green bean” and created “Green Beans and Potato Curry.”  What I love about vegetables is the pairing combinations are endless and when you combine one or more together unique favor profiles are created. This is a simple dish to prepare and it is hearty enough to make as a meatless main dish.  I really love the addition of the curry and it takes this dish to the top of one of my favorites. The recipe calls for just 3/4TH teaspoon of curry, but if you really love the taste of curry you really need to add more!

The really cool thing about beans is they are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Another cool thing is there are so many different kinds of beans it gives a lot of variety, different flavors and textures to choose from.  In common all beans provide protein, fiber and calcium which are important nutrients. Beans can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.


While Easter egg hunts, candy baskets, and Sunday brunches are some of our traditions in the US, Easter is celebrated all over the world and there are a lot of fun traditions. Peru takes on a 10 day celebration with music, dancing, streets covered in flowers, bull running, nightly fireworks, and they have 12 traditional dishes they serve. Poland has a huge feast where people gather to wish health and happiness in the new year and they pass around eggs as tokens of blessings. In Haux, France the local chefs meet in the main square and prepare the world’s largest omelet for the townspeople consisting of over 5000 eggs, 20 quarts of oil, 100 pounds of bacon, onion and garlic. Now that has to be an amazing celebration!

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Hi hope you enjoy this dish and I wish you a very Happy Easter celebration with family, fun and wonderful food!

Hugs and Veggies

Source: Cook Time with Remmi

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