Broken Arrow Beauty College: Key consumer trends and growing your salon business

Here are a few ways to spot key consumer trends.

Observe trends in your own shop. note whether more clients ask questions about a particular health concern, want advice about an at-home beauty challenge or notice a celebrity hairstyle. Your sales reports also reveal new permanent shifts in the demand for your services.

Discover new trends beyond your salon. Watch what services are popular in salons outside of your city, as a client or as a part of an educational seminar. What is hot in one city today can be the rage in another a year later. Also, keep up with online beauty discussions, reflecting new concerns and needs of salon consumers across the country.

Pay attention to global beauty industry statistics, including sales volume and revenue for skin, hair, and cosmetics products and services. Although the beauty sector has been fairly consistent through economic booms and busts, you can learn from monitoring new product launches. A boom within a specific demographic group or a shift in category (i.e. color, relaxers, etc.) sales can speak volumes.


Source: Professional Beauty Association

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